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Are Cheap Services Worth Your Time?

Looking for Cheap Web Design & SEO Services?

I always get asked how much a website design or SEO services should cost and my answer is always the same: What are your goals?.

Many small businesses, even large corporations want services to be cheap. They are on a budget and can’t invest more than they should. Although I understand the need to be cost-efficient in today’s economy, you can’t expect so much if you pay so little. This applies to everything, not just web design, SEO or any digital marketing services.

These days, the word CHEAP is frequently used to attract budget-conscious consumers/customers/clients. In my experience, this gives them a wrong impression. If you see an ad that says ‘SUPER CHEAP’, most may expect it to be as good as FREE.

The point is: What is CHEAP to YOU may not be the same “CHEAP” companies or entrepreneurs are have in mind.

How Cheap is Cheap?

First, let’s define the word CHEAP? Here’s exact meaning from Google:
cheap web design seo

Here we see “inexpensive, low-priced, low-cost, economical, competitive, affordable, reasonable, reasonably priced”. This is what most freelancers and agencies have in mind when they offer their services.

Then we see “rock-bottom, giveaway, bargain-basement, low-end, dirt cheap”. Most clients, in my experience, expect this.

How do we better communicate our services without blowing their expectations away? How do we deal with this challenge?

Cost, Time, & Quality

So how much should you invest in a project?

This circles back to my first question: What Are Your Goals?

Consider The Iron Triangle criteria:
price quality speed triangle

Time – covers the process from start to finish. Throughout the project, there will be unforeseen forces and challenges which will impact timeline. Regardless, the project will be delivered the soonest possible time.

Cost – this is the project budget based on the project scope.

Quality – applies to the technique, materials, and experience level of the project team.

~ If you want Cheap & Fast, the result will be LOW QUALITY.

~ If you want Fast & High Quality, the price will be EXPENSIVE

~ If you want Cheap & High Quality, the project be LOW PRIORITY, meaning, you can’t expect it to be FAST.

Next time you have a project, keep these three factors in mind.

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